SCS Polycarbonate Spikes Kit



SCS Polycarbonate Spikes Deterrent System

These seagull spikes are a cost effective way to prevent seagulls from landing and roosting on roof parapets, walls, ledges, girders and other narrow areas on buildings.

The spikes are seven inches high for the most effective seagull protection. Each box contains 25 two foot long sections, enough to protect 50 linear feet of surface against seagull pollution. Seagulls can’t land on the uneven surface that these spikes create. This is a permanent deterrent against seagulls landing, roosting and nesting. The spikes are constructed of durable polycarbonate plastic with UV inhibitors. They carry a five year manufacturer’s warranty. Polycarbonate spikes are non-conductive and non-corrosive. This system is easy to install using ordinary skills and tools. The flexible strips holding the spikes are nailed, screwed or glued in place. Maintenance is minimal. The tough polycarbonate material is durable and long lasting, even in harsh climates.

Available Colors: White, Tan, Grey, Black, Brown, Brick Red and Crystal Clear. Custom colors also available to blend with your building, at additional cost.

Measure the area you want to protect and order by the box: Each box covers 50 feet. Installation instructions and on-phone technical advice, as much needed, after you order. If you’re not sure if this deterrent system is the most effective solution for your specific seagull problem we welcome phone calls.

Note: Spikes should not be used to protect wide spaces like flat roofs or large roof structures (see SCS Grid Wire Seagull Deterrent Systems). Spikes are very effective protecting narrow areas such as walls, parapets, ledges and girders.

Questions? Call at 347-389-5533 or email with questions.

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Black, Brick Red, Brown, Crystal Clear, Grey, Tan, White