How It Works

How It Works


Seagulls live in wide open spaces. Unlike land birds, seagulls hate to feel obstructed in any way. They roost on flat open surfaces, and on sloping roof peaks, where they can watch for food and predators. They depend on an unobstructed takeoff if needed—nothing in the way of a quick escape from a predator or a prompt arrival at food source. They nest in protected but open surfaces such as the roof next to parapets and the leeward side of roof structures such as HVAC and solar panel. Large, flat roofs and similar open areas are ideal roosting, feeding and nesting sites for seagulls.

We create an environment on your facility that will be so uncomfortable for seagulls they’ll abandon your property. Permanently.  We transform your roof, dock or other facility into a no-go zone for gulls, a place so threatening that they leave and do not return.

Seagull Wire Customized Designs: We use Coated Stainless Steel Gull Wire to prevent seagulls from roosting and nesting on flat surfaces.  We use two scientifically approved methods for keeping gulls away from your property.

  • Wire grids are strung on poles six to eight feet above a flat roof or solar panel array (or other customized heights). These pole-top wires are perceived as obstructions to take-off and landing.  Seagulls permanently avoid landing or roosting beneath these wires.
  • Wires strung on six inch posts on a narrow surface such as a parapet, ledge, beam, or roof peak. Gulls perceive these wires as impossible roosting locations.  Gulls cannot grasp a wire, so they will not attempt to land.

Seagull Spikes: Stainless steel spikes are used to protect parapets, sills, ledges, light fixtures and other narrow areas where seagulls roost. Seagulls can’t land where the spikes are installed. They are not harmed because they discover, before settling on them, that there is no perch or support. Stainless steel spikes carry a 10 year warranty.

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