How It Works

How It Works

Gull2Seagulls live in wide open spaces. Unlike land birds, seagulls hate to feel confined in any way. They roost on mostly flat open surfaces and roof peaks where they can watch for food and predators. They nest in protected but open surfaces such as the inner edge of roof parapets and the leeward side of roof structures such as HVAC and solar panel arrays (typically the south or southwest side are preferred). Roofs and other open areas are ideal roosting and nesting sites for seagulls.

We create an environment on your facility that will be so uncomfortable for seagulls they’ll abandon your property. Permanently. Seagulls are a protected species so they cannot be harmed. None of the seagull deterrents we make or sell will harm seagulls. Our Seagull Control Systems® Deterrent Kits make seagulls very uncomfortable – they leave and do not return. We do not upset your neighbors, workers, customers or passersby with nets, traps or similar entangling technologies that may harm the birds. We simply make your roof, dock or other facility a no-go zone for seagulls, a place so uncomfortable, so threatening to the gulls that they leave and do not return – as long as our deterrent is in place. They do not grow accustomed to the deterrents we recommend. They leave and stay away.

Seagull Wire Kits and Customized Designs: Whether arrayed as grids on poles high above a flat surface or strung a few inches above parapets, roof peaks or roof slopes, seagull wire creates an environment that seagulls will avoid The wires on posts or poles are perceived as obstructions to take-off and landing, so seagulls permanently avoid landing or roosting beneath the lines. Wires strung on posts a few inches above a parapet, roof peak or railing are perceived as obstacles to landing or as insecure perches. Seagulls will not attempt to land on these lines and will not roost under them.

All our seagull wire products are impervious to rust and corrosion, carry an industry leading 5 year warranty, and can be attached to roof surfaces without penetrating the roof so the warranties are preserved (typically roofs less than 20 years old). Our seagull wire products are installed in grid patterns that we have perfected in hundreds of projects.

Seagull Spikes: Whether stainless steel or polycarbonate fiber, the spikes are used to protect gutters, parapets, gullies between roof peaks and other areas where seagulls roost or nest. Seagulls can’t land where the spikes are installed. They are not harmed because they discover, before settling on them, that there is no perch or support. Stainless steel spikes carry a 10 year warranty and can be glued down so a roof is not penetrated, preserving the warranty on roofs less than 20 years old.

Seagull Control Systems Deterrent Kits: Each kit contains the seagull deterrent product that will solve your seagull problem, along with all the gear and hardware you’ll need to install it. For the Do-It-Yourselfer or your hired installer, instructions are available online and on the phone, so you’ll always have the technical support you expect when you buy and install any of our seagull deterrent products. We manufacture some of our seagull deterrent products and some we source from our suppliers. We and our suppliers use the highest quality materials, no plastic or wooden parts that crack or rot. Only stainless steel, aluminum or UV resistant polycarbonate fiber materials are used. Warranties typically are 5 to 10 years on our products. We can arrange professional installation for your seagull deterrent in North America and Mexico.

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