US Solar Panels

US Solar Panels

Solar panels provide cold weather warmth and shelter for seagulls.  Often seagulls bomb the panels with heavy clams and crabs, cracking the shells as well as the panels, causing thousands of dollars in damage.  They feel safe and comfortable nesting among the panels, and the protection from bad weather is an added plus for them. Their white feces splats degrade the efficiency of the panels and require constant cleaning.  During nesting season the gulls become aggressive and attack technicians.

Our Solar Panel Seagull Deterrent System will pay for itself by eliminating your seagull invasion along with the added maintenance expenses.  No more panel replacement, no more frequent panel cleaning.  Your solar panels will operate at maximum efficiency.

Our deterrent system casts virtually no shadow and is fabricated to last for many years with little maintenance– even in the harshest roof top weather conditions. The system is designed for efficient retrofitting. If, prior to installation of solar panels, the roof is already infested with seagulls we’ll work with you to integrate our deterrent system with the installation of your panel array, resulting in clean panels from day one.

Our solar panel seagull technology can be installed by your solar technicians, your in-house maintenance crew, or we have certified installation contractors across the US and Canada who will do the installation for you.

Call or email to discuss your seagull problem and our solutions.  We only recommend  seagull deterrent technologies that permanently end seagull infestations.  No one knows more about ending seagull invasions than we do—it’s our only business.

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