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Seagull Control Systems Solutions for Boats & Docks

Click on your seagull PROBLEM to learn which SOLUTION will work for you:

Solutions packaged as a “KIT” are standardized, ready to order and are in stock for prompt shipping. A KIT has all the hardware and other components you will need to install. We are happy to help with on-phone installation advice, technical details and “tips & tricks” as needed. Email Us at if you need a link to online instructions after you receive your order.

Solutions annotated as “PLEASE CONTACT US” require a customized solution so give us a call or Email Us at to discuss the best solution for your seagull infestation. Note: SCS Grid Wire Deterrent requires a customized solution for several reasons such as grid size, attachment points and other site-specific considerations.

Call us at (347) 389-5533, email us at or send a note through our Information Request Form.

Seagulls Polluting Docks
Our SCS bestseller to keep seagulls off docks and piers
SCS Grid Wire Deterrent System
Because docks are different sizes and configurations,
are made with different materials,
we recommend that you Contact Us
to discuss recommended solutions (call or email).
Seagulls Roosting on Dock Railings
SCS Seagull Wire Deterrent System
Seagulls Roosting on Boats
SCS Spider—our bestseller
SCS Deterrent Spider Kit
Seagulls Roosting on Boat Lifts
Feel free to call us for advice on where to
attach on your lift & ideal size 347-389-5533 or email
SCS Spider—our bestseller
SCS Deterrent Spider Kit
Not sure about size or type of deterrent, Contact Us
for buying advice (call or email).

We welcome your phone calls 347-389-5533 during usual business hours east coast time or email us anytime at

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