The Agrilaser, originally developed in The Netherlands to protect crops from birds, is very effective against seagulls. We carry two models: The Handheld and The Handheld 500. These lasers, about the size of a large flashlight, are safe and easy to use. Advance the beam toward the seagulls and the entire flock will leave your property. Use this frequently for several weeks. The seagulls will grow increasingly wary and begin to seek other places to roost and pollute.  You are training them to fear you and your property. They cannot tolerate the green beam. After you have ended the seagull infestation, keep the Agrilaser handy to scare off occasional seagull landings.  The Agrilaser Handheld is also effective against geese, vultures, pelicans and other waterfowl, as well as most terrestrial pest birds.

The Agrilaser is the ideal seagull deterrent technology for wide open spaces such as lawns, parks, playing fields, parking lots, beaches, airports, agriculture and landfill operations—areas where it’s impractical to use our SCS Grid Wire Seagull Deterrent.

The Agrilaser Handheld is effective up to 500 meters on cloudy days, less effective in bright sunlight.

The Agrilaser Handheld500 is effective up to 1000 meters on cloudy days and works well at shorter distances in bright sunlight.

Test Drive the Agrilaser Handheld500:  Call us to learn more about this test program. We’ll send you a Handheld500 to use for one week.  There is a $100 shipping/handling charge.  No obligation to purchase.  If you decide to purchase, we’ll send you a new Handheld500 when you return the loaner, and refund $50 when we process payment.

The Autonomic Agrilaser is a stationary weatherproof laser that runs on a schedule, and in a pattern, you program with your smartphone.  Ideal for agriculture operations and to discourage ground nesting in large fields. Contact us for details.

Contact us to discuss lasers and other solutions to your seagull problems, and discounts on multiple units.

The Agrilaser is an ideal deterrent for open fields or large areas where seagulls are nesting, roosting, polluting your property, interfering with aircraft, vehicles, workers or families enjoying recreational activities

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