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Canada Commercial/Industrial/Municipal

Commercial and industrial buildings are our specialty. We’ve done it all, getting rid of seagulls and their pollution on warehouses, piers, office buildings, condos and apartment houses, factories, power plants and solar panel arrays, solid waste handling facilities, water purification plants, outdoor dining—you name it and we’ve solved the seagull problem.

We have certified installation contractors across the US and Canada who install our deterrent systems.  Or we can partner with your in-house maintenance team or with contractors, roofers, exterior maintenance contractors, solar panel installers, architects, PEs, real estate managers—anyone who needs our expertise. We design, source, deliver and supervise the installation of seagull deterrent systems that we have perfected in hundreds of applications.  We only use seagull deterrent methods that work effectively and permanently from day one.

Our no-hassle service for our Canadian customers We deliver all the components for our seagull deterrent systems by UPS Freight, cleared through Customs with the fees and HST prepaid by us, direct to your facility, ready for installation by your team or our certified local contractor.  We have certified installation contractors based in Ontario and British Columbia. Our banking facility in Canada enables you to conveniently pay us in Canadian dollars, at an exchange rate that is very favorable compared to the usual local bank rates and fees.

For large flat roofs and similar areas, our proprietary SCS Grid Wire Seagull Deterrent System  method will  end your seagull infestations. We deliver to your job site ready to install—and we can provide a labor-hours estimate to help you determine those costs. Peaked roofs, chimneys, HVAC, solar panels, ledges, marinas and other structures may need different methods to keep seagulls away. Call us with your seagull problems and we’ll discuss solutions.

Warehouses, Factories, Industrial Operations with large flat roofs are ideal habitat for seagulls.  Our solution is to transform your safe and comfortable environment into a location that seagulls hate and will permanently avoid. We work with building owners, maintenance companies and roofing companies to design and manufacture the most effective seagull deterrent available.   Email or call us to discuss your seagull problem and our solutions.   We end seagull infestations permanently. See Grid Wire Deterrent

Marinas with seasonal seagull infestations that pollute docks and piers, and the boats (and boaters) that your business depends on.   Seagull feces carry disease bacteria and parasites.   We design and deliver a seagull deterrent system that can be installed by your maintenance team or our certified contractor in your area.  After this initial installation, seasonal setup and take down is quick and easy. Our deterrent pays for itself–no frequent power washing or complaints from boaters. Email or call us to discuss your seagull problem and our solutions.  We end seagull infestations permanently. See Grid Wire Deterrent

Solid Waste Transfer Facilities are seagull magnets. They offer gulls abundant, constantly replenishing food supplies.  Your buildings provide a safe and comfortable perch for seagulls to watch for the arrival of your trucks with their next meal.   We transform this environment from a comfortable place for seagulls to eat and pollute into a location so threatening that they leave.  Email or call us to discuss your seagull problem and our solutions.   No one should have to work in a seagull-polluted facility.
See Grid Wire Deterrent and Lasers

Municipal Water Purification Plants and Reservoirs attract seagulls. They rest and float, polluting the water you are purifying. We can end your seagull invasion permanently by transforming your pools from inviting peaceful seagull havens into a hostile environment seagulls will avoid. Call or email us to discuss your seagull problem and our solutions. Our seagull deterrents are designed to enable workers to do their jobs without interference, free of seagulls and the diseases and parasites they bring to your facility. Call or email to discuss your seagull problem and our solutions.

Solar Panels provide cold weather warmth for seagulls and shelter.  Seagulls bomb the panels with clams and crabs, cracking the shells as well as the panels, causing thousands of dollars in damage.  Their white feces splats degrade the efficiency of the panels and require more frequent cleaning.  Our seagull deterrent system will pay for itself by eliminating your seagull invasion and the additional maintenance expenses that result.  No more panel replacement, no more frequent panel cleaning. Call or email to discuss your seagull problem and our solutions. Seagulls will leave and not return. See more on Solar

Playing Fields, Beaches, School Grounds and Municipal Parks, Airports, Aquaculture, Golf Courses, Parking Lots, Agriculture, any large outdoor open areas infested with seagulls and their pollution. We carry hand-held lasers that are used to transform a comfortable environment into a location seagulls cannot tolerate. Contact us for details and pricing. See Lasers

Outdoor Dining, Pools and Decks attract seagulls while annoying your guests, polluting where people eat, swim and socialize.  Cleaning tables, chairs, lounges and poolside decks will end with the end of your seagull infestation.   We have created environments that seagulls hate in hundreds of facilities like yours, so give us a call or email to discuss our solutions to your seagull problem.

Pest and Bird Control Companies partner with us to help them end intractable seagull infestations. We are experts in seagull deterrent methods. Let us be your “back office” to design and manufacture seagull deterrents that we guarantee will do the job.  We work for you and never have contact with your customer.  Call or email to discuss the value we bring to your seagull deterrent projects.

Seagull Infestations anywhere are ugly.  Their feces can carry disease and parasites into cars, homes, offices and other places where people walk, eat, work, enjoy recreation or socialize. We can transform your property from a seagull infested location into a clean and attractive place where people feel safe from the pollution seagulls bring with them. Call or email to discuss our solutions to your seagull problem. No matter how persistent, widespread or unusual your seagull problem is, chances are we’ve seen it and solved it.  We get rid of seagulls safely, humanely and permanently.

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