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Seagull Control has the expertise to keep seagulls away – permanently.

Seagull Control Systems® has extensive experience delivering the most effective seagull deterrent solutions for your seagull problem. Eliminating seagull infestations is our only business. For over a decade our seagull deterrent solutions have permanently ended seagull infestations all across North America.  We earn our A+ Better Business Bureau rating every day with seagull deterrent solutions that never fail to get rid of gulls—permanently.

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Flat and peaked roofs, docks and piers, solid waste facilities, solar panel arrays—you name it and we’ve solved a seagull problem, We have never failed to get rid of seagull infestations.

Keep seagulls off roofs – keep seagulls off boats – keep seagulls off docks – keep seagulls away. Get rid of seagulls- permanently.

We know how to transform an environment where seagulls feel safe and comfortable into a location they fear and avoid.

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  • We only use seagull deterrent methods that work permanently.
  • We never use nets, traps, or other methods that can harm seagulls or other wildlife.
  • Seagull deterrents are our only business—we are experts in this specialized bird control area.

If you are a commercial facility with a flat or peaked roof, a shopping mall, outdoor dining, a warehouse, factory, food processing plant, solid waste transfer station, water purification plant or reservoir, working pier or marina, large industrial or harbor structures invaded by seagulls, click Industrial/Commercial. We will design and recommend the seagull deterrent you need, delivered to your facility and installed by our certified local contractors anywhere in the US and Canada, or installed by your contractor, builder or your own skilled maintenance workers with our full support as needed.

If you have a solar panel array infested with seagulls that degrade the energy output and require constant cleaning, we will eliminate the problem immediately and permanently. Our solar power solution pays for itself with dramatically reduced labor costs and a return to consistent predicted power output. Click Solar Panels and give us a call to learn more about how we eliminate nesting and the filth that seagulls deposit on your panels.

Pest control/Wildlife abatement operators—we can partner with you as your seagull deterrent experts, your back office, delivering solutions for you to solve your clients’ seagull problems. Click Industrial/Commercial and give us a call to discuss how we can help eliminated seagull infestations.

If you are a homeowner, a boat or private dock owner you’ve come to the right place.  Click Solutions, then click on your Problem and you are about to end the seagull pollution, bacteria and parasites on your property

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Seagull Control welcomes your phone calls to discuss your seagull problem in detail: (347) 389-5533, email us at or send a note through our Information Request Form.  We earn our A+ Better Business Bureau rating every day with excellent customer service.

To our Canadian customers: Most of our products are NAFTA compliant, no import duty and we pre-pay GST for your convenience. To see details, click Canada.

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