Frequently Asked Questions
(Grid Wire Deterrent System)

  1. How can we be sure that your system of poles and lines will work?
    Numerous academic studies and the US Department of Agriculture recommend wire grids as the most effective method to prevent seagulls from landing and roosting in flat open areas like docks and roofs. We have never failed to get rid of seagull infestations using our proven grid wire system. We know how to transform an environment where seagulls feel safe and comfortable into a location they fear and avoid.
  2. Do seagulls learn over time to invade the space we’ve protected with your grid wire deterrent system?
In fact, the opposite happens. Seagulls seem to teach each other to avoid the protected area. It sometimes takes a few days for seagulls to stop even trying to land if they’ve developed a strong habit or have used the area for feeding or nesting. Over time the system is increasingly effective as seagulls find more gull-friendly places to roost and defecate. Other seagull deterrent technologies such as noisemakers, fake predators or the intermittent use of real predators like falcons, do not permanently end seagull invasions.
  3. How long will it take to install your deterrent system?
 We provide just about everything you’ll need for the installation, detailed instructions and as much phone help as you want. Although each installation is site-specific, we can often provide a labor-hours estimate for installation. OR we have qualified installers throughout North America who will install your system. At your request we can arrange the installation and include that cost in our pricing.
  4. Can you cooperate on installation with our contractor or maintenance crew?
Yes. More than half our SCS Grid Wire Seagull Deterrent Systems are installed by our customers or their designated contractor. We’ll spend as much time on the phone as needed or meet at the job site if circumstances warrant that.
  5. Why can’t I just buy the lines and poles locally and do this myself?
You can.But we have several advantages over doing this from scratch.
    • Our heavy gauge welded aluminum brackets are very strong, durable, non-corrosive and available only from us. We can have them fabricated to fit different types of installations, as you’ll see when you view our SCS Grid Wire Deterrent page in the Solutions and Products section of our website.
    • Our aluminum poles fit snugly into the brackets, providing a sound structure for the wires and lines. Our wire is nylon coated stainless steel or fluorescent poly wrapped stainless steel. These wires are UV reflective, meaning gulls clearly see them while we humans hardly notice them.
    • The line spacing and grid designs are field tested over many years in many different facilities and structures for the best results.
    • Our product arrives ready to install. No need for cutting aluminum poles, fooling with the right fittings, finding all the hardware needed.
    • The cost of buying our grid wire deterrent system is comparable, if not less, than what you’d spend to buy and assemble all these components on your own.   Not to mention the repeated trips to hardware stores for parts you didn’t know you’d need or don’t properly fit.   Our value is in convenience, efficiency, durability and optimum effectiveness.
  1. We have a very unusual area that has been invaded by seagulls. Can your system work with situations other than the ones you describe?
We design every system specifically for each facility. We encourage you to call us and discuss your needs. Feel free to challenge us with unusual seagull infestations. When it comes to seagull problems, “we’ve been there done that.”
  2. Are there any size restrictions?
We have the experience and resources to do projects of just about any size or configuration. Warehouse roofs that are acres in size are not uncommon projects for us, and we’ve designed seagull deterrent systems for municipal water purification plants or solid waste transfer facilities. But your private dock is not too small for us.
  3. Do your deterrent systems injure seagulls or other birds? The wires, properly tensioned as per our instructions, do not entangle or harm gulls and other birds.  Our deterrent system is not a net.  For effectiveness and safety, you should follow our maintenance recommendations, not complicated, requiring no special skills or tools.
  4. What about maintenance and warranties? Maintenance is required to keep the grid wire system operating effectively. Inspect and tighten wires that may work loose over time. This ensures effectiveness and prevents birds from getting entangled in sagging wires.  For even the largest installations this maintenance routine, conducted every 3 months, requires just one person and a few hours.  We supply plenty of extra wire, crimps and a tool for crimping.  Our aluminum brackets and poles are warrantied for five years.
  5. If I need to haul a dock or use a crane on a dock, roof or other place protected with your Grid Wire Deterrent System, can I take the system apart easily?
    Our system can be easily disassembled, stored and reassembled. These tasks will take much less time than the initial installation. Many of our customers have seasonal docks that are hauled for the winter, along with our grid Wire Seagull Deterrent Seagull System. Recently, at a US Navy facility, they disassembled our seagull deterrent system to install solar panels. The re-installation went very smoothly and all they needed from us was more nylon coated stainless steel wire.
  6. Does your system interfere with people or impede access to any part of the protected area?
    No. Our lines are strung on poles that are designed not to interfere with routine maintenance work, public access or other pedestrian uses. Custom sizes are readily available to accommodate solar panels, HVAC, cell towers and other roof structures.
  7. Shipments to Canada?
    As a convenience to you, we pay GST and customs clearance fees. You don’t have to pay the UPS drivers when they deliver your seagull deterrent. UPS charges us about $40 for customs clearance, and this is reflected in your invoice as a separate charge.

Questions? Comments? Give us a call 9-5 east coast time. (347) 389-5533

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