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PROD2RoofKit SCS Peaked Roof Seagull Deterrent System

The Peaked Roof Deterrent is the solution for seagulls landing and roosting on the ridge line of your house, condo or boat house. This deterrent system consists of three parallel wires running above and on either side of the peak, from one end of the roof to the other. Seagulls cannot perch on a wire. They won’t even try. Your peaked roof will be seagull-free.

Three parallel lines of nylon coated stainless steel bird wire are suspended about 4 inches above the ridge line and along either side of the ridge, preventing seagulls from landing and roosting there. The nylon coated wire lines are supported on ridge brackets spaced evenly about 6-8 feet apart along the peak, from one end of the roof to the other. The brackets can be bent to conform to the angle of slope and fit snugly against the roof. For older roofs you can screw and seal these in. If your roof is still under warranty, and penetration is not permitted, simply use a silicone base adhesive such as Silkaflex, allow to cure for 24 hours, and string the wires post to post along the peak. (Detailed installation instructions are emailed when you order).

The SCS Peaked Roof Deterrent System varies in price according to the linear feet of your ridge line and other factors like dormers or gables you want to protect against seagull infestations. As a rough cost estimate, each bracket costs about $50, depending on quantity, and the wire & crimps are additional. While you do not need a roofer or other highly skilled worker to install this, keep in mind that any work on a rood is inherently dangerous and installation by a roofer is recommended. For information specific to your property:

  • Email us photos, ridge line measurements and a description of the area you want to protect for a design and exact price quote.
  • We welcome phone calls to discuss your seagull problem, answer questions and provide our expert advice – no obligation of course.
  • This Deterrent System carries a five year warranty, is all aluminum & stainless steel, non-corrosive, will last as long as your roof with minimal maintenance.
  • We ship all over North America by UPS, usually within 24 hours of ordering.

Give us a call at 347-389-5533 or email with questions.

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