Jolt Kit

PROD1JoltKit SCS Seagull Jolt Kit

Includes: Jolt Kit, Corner Connector, Snug Fit Connector, Anti-Damning Riser, Waterproof Charger, Extra Lead-in Wire

Prevent seagulls from landing on signs, roof peaks and parapets. Our Seagull Jolt Kit is a low profile, electrical track system that produces a mild electrical shock when birds land on its surface. The shock will not harm birds but will condition them to stay away from the area, making The Seagull Jolt Kit the ultimate in gull behavior modification. The Seagull Jolt Kit is the only electric track bird deterrent system with patented anti-arcing and glue trough designs and is the safest most effective electric track available. The components are manufactured in the USA by Bird-B-Gone, Inc. We are their authorized retailer specializing in seagull problems, and we can provide installation instructions and technical advice from the Bird-B-Gone experts.

This seagull deterrent system is ideal for signs where the low profile will not detract from its appearance. Similarly, when installed on roof peaks or parapets this deterrent is invisible from ground level. When aesthetics are paramount, no seagull deterrent technology is more suitable than the Seagull Jolt Kit. Electricity is supplied by a plug in charger or a solar powered charger if an electric connection is not handy.

The basic Seagull Control Systems Seagull Jolt Kit consists of 100 feet of electrified Flat Track tape, manufacturer recommended adhesive in sufficient quantity, 2 lead-in connector loops to connect to the charger, 3 “Snug-Fit” track connectors for splicing the tape, and bilingual warning Labels to prevent low level accidental shocks to people who may inadvertently come in contact.

A rough price estimate for a typical basic Seagull Jolt Kit is $500 to protect about 100 linear feet, but you may need additional optional components.

We recommend calling us for more details including which charger to use and other options that are dependent on your specific project. Professional installation is recommended and we can arrange that anywhere in North America and Mexico. We have technical advice available for you or your own installer if you prefer:


There are additional optional components that you may want to add:


The power sources, called chargers, range from about $100 to $200 depending on plug-in, solar and other factors. We’ll be glad to go over your project in detail on the phone or arrange a visit by our technical people anywhere in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Give us a call at 347-389-5533 or email with questions.

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