Grid Wire Kit

 SCS Grid Wire Deterrent

Includes: Nylon coated stainless steel wire, heavy gauge aluminum brackets with welded pole holders, aluminum poles (customized sizes), nickel coated copper crimps, detailed installation instructions.

This photo shows the SCS Grid Wire Deterrent System on a dock. Our dock mounted or roof mounted Grid Wire Deterrent System eliminates seagull infestations permanently, whether installed on a private dock, marina, small boathouse or a huge warehouse. The poles are secured to heavy gauge aluminum brackets. The wires, only 0.7mm diameter, are nearly invisible against the sky. Seagulls see them as a potential obstacle to landings and take offs–so they avoid roosting on the dock, roof, outdoor dining or polluting your pool.

This is the method recommended by the US Department of Agriculture as the most effective, non-harmful seagull deterrent system for docks, roofs, any flat surfaced that you want to protect against seagulls. The SCS Grid Wire Deterrent System prevents seagulls from landing on docks, decks, flat roofs and other open spaces where they are roosting, nesting or dropping shells. These activities will end the moment you install our deterrent system. Because seagulls inhabit wide open spaces and need a lot of room (compared to land birds) to take off and land they will avoid the location we protect with our custom designed grid system. We have perfected the most effective grid pattern in hundreds of projects like yours. SCS Grid Wire Deterrent System ends seagull infestations permanently.

The SCS Grid Wire Deterrent is an array of grids made with nylon-coated stainless steel wire. The wire provides strength and endurance and carries a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. These grids are supported above the roof or dock surface by aluminum poles, high enough to provide easy passage for people. Custom size poles are available. Heavy duty aluminum brackets are used to mount poles along the edge of docks or parapets. Our brackets do not penetrate roof surfaces and can be customized for just about any situation. SCS Grid Wire Deterrent Systems are shipped with the components you’ll need to install, including nylon coated stainless steel wire in the quantity your customized design will require. Complete installation instructions are included and all the on-phone help you want. We will work closely with you or an installer of your choice anywhere in North America.

Our Grid Wire Deterrent System is manufactured to be virtually maintenance free in the harshest marine climate. The entire system carries a five year warranty on parts. Contact Us to discuss your seagull infestation and our Grid Wire Deterrent solution. Consultation and a preliminary customized design are absolutely free with no obligation. No one knows seagull problems like we do. Call us with your questions anytime.

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