Avishock™, the seagull deterrent solution where aesthetics and permanent effectiveness intersect.

This is an unobtrusive seagull deterrent that is invisible from street level. It works just as well with other pest birds, such as pigeons, crows, pelicans and vultures. It is ideal for signage, building ledges, walls and parapets, or any narrow architectural feature that seagulls are polluting. Seagulls receive a mild, non-harmful electrical shock when they land on this low profile weather proof strip. They quickly learn to stay away, and other gulls get the message when they see members of their flock avoiding the location. We provide detailed installation instructions, or a North American network of professional installers. Comes with an industry leading 5-year warranty.

Avishock Bird Track: The Next Generation of Shock Track is here!


  • Smooth design reduces dirt traps
  • Protective, conductive polymer film protects copper strip
  • Patented tri-material extruded track is robust and UV-stable
  • Reduced resistance for greater coverage – only 0.01 ohms!
  • Reduced arcing risk – no stitching, fewer shorts – less maintenance


  • Snap connectors and longer rolls for faster installation
  • No sharp parts to avoid, reduced risk of injury
  • Flatter-base design means less glue to apply


  • Greatly reduced risk of shorting through substrate; no stitching!
  • Weather-resistant design makes care and maintenance easy

Email info@seagullcontrol.com or call us at 347-389-5533 to discuss your seagull problem and our Avishock solution.

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