About Us

About Us

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide our customers with the most effective, humane and high quality solution to seagull problems.

The Pests
When we built our marina in Long Island Sound seagulls became a major problem as they roosted and infected our docks with bacteria and parasites. In order to solve this serious problem we did scientific research. What are the best possible and most humane seagull deterrent methods? The US Department of Agriculture and several universities gave us a concept. We made it real, practical and proven through extensive testing and refinement. We crafted our own system that deters seagulls while remaining non-invasive to people. Our docks are clean, people-friendly places that seagulls permanently avoid. Our seagull control system installed at our marina has resulted in the complete elimination of a serious seagull infestation. And we’ve done the same for all our customers.

Where We’re Located
We know seagulls can be more than annoying. They drop shells, spread disease, pollute docks and rain water runoff from roofs. We are avid boaters and operate our own yacht club. Our marina is located on City Island, New York City’s yachting landmark. This small island with over twenty seafood restaurants, over a dozen yacht clubs and boatyards, attracts every seagull within flying range. Our docks remain free of seagulls year after year despite the nearby food sources, nesting sites and shell cracking surfaces.

Permission to Use Our Design and Instructions
The design of the seagull deterrent system and installation instructions are our intellectual property and are copyright protected. Our seagull deterrent drawings and instructions are all registered with the US Copyright Office as “Works of Art, Technical Drawings.” If we created a customized design for you we have registered that design with the US Copyright Office. The design and instructions cannot be used by others to install a seagull deterrent system unless we grant permission in writing in accordance with the rules of the US Copyright Office. When you purchase a seagull deterrent system from us you are entitled to a one-time use of the design and installation instructions and you automatically have our permission to use them.

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