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DockSeagull Control has the expertise to keep seagulls away – permanently.

Seagull Control Systems® has extensive experience determining the most effective seagull deterrent solutions for your seagull problem. For over a decade our seagull deterrent products have permanently eliminated seagull infestations in hundreds of real world applications all across North America. Keep seagulls off roof – keep seagulls off boat – keep seagulls off dock – keep seagulls away – get rid of seagulls. Flat and peaked roofs, docks and piers, solid waste facilities, solar panel arrays—you name it and we’ve solved a seagull problem, We have never failed to get rid of seagull infestations. We know how to transform an environment where seagulls feel safe and comfortable into a location they fear and avoid. Give us a call to discuss your seagull invasion. We usually ship seagull deterrent kits within 24 hours to all US states and Canada via UPS.

Our seagull deterrent technologies are recommended by the US Department of Agriculture and the Navy. We eliminate seagull infestations without noisemakers, nets, traps or other harmful methods.  See our Solutions page to solve your seagull problem.

  • We recommend the most effective design for your seagull deterrent, and we deliver it customized for you by an aluminum fabricating and welding shop or other specialized suppliers.
  • We only source seagull deterrents from the highest quality manufacturers.
  • We use only the most effective and least invasive technologies.
  • Seagull deterrents are our only business—we are experts in this specialized bird deterrent area.

If you have a serious and intractable seagull infestation we offer expert consulting services and products that will end the pollution and damage.  No one knows seagull deterrents like we do.

If you are a homeowner, a boat or dock owner – anyone with a serious seagull infestation – you’ve come to the right place.  Click Solutions, then click on your Problem and you are about to end the pollution, bacteria and parasites caused by seagulls on your property.  We will get rid of your seagulls – permanently.  Seagulls will find other unprotected places to roost and pollute.  Your property will be seagull-free.  Permanently.

If you have a flat or peaked roof, a commercial facility such as a marina, solar panel array, warehouse, food or fish processing plant, municipal waste transfer station, water purification plant or reservoir, working pier or other large structure invaded by seagulls, click Industrial/Commercial. We will design and recommend the seagull deterrent you need, manufactured by our suppliers for efficient installation by your contractor or workers. From our New York offices we design, deliver and consult on seagull deterrent projects in all 50 states, in Canada, the Caribbean, the UK and Ireland. No more pollution on your shoes, in offices, cars and homes. Our deterrent systems pay for themselves – no more power washing. Our deterrents are very low maintenance and warrantied to last many years in harsh climates. End your seagull menace. Permanently.

Seagull Control LLC BBB Business ReviewSeagull Control welcomes your phone calls to discuss your seagull problem in detail: (347) 389-5533, email us at or send a note through our Information Request Form

Most of our products are NAFTA compliant, no import duty for our Canadian customers, and no COD provincial tax or GST. See details by clicking Canada.


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