SCS Peaked Roof Kit (300)

SCS Peaked Roof Kit

The Peaked Roof Kit is the solution for seagulls landing and roosting on the ridge line of your peaked roof. Seagulls don't like to land on a slope so they settle on the peak and if the slope is not too steep they may walk down as they infest your roof. (If seagulls are landing on your gutters and walking up the slope see our Gutter Spikes Kit).

Three parallel lines of nylon coated stainless steel bird wire are suspended about 6 inches above the ridge line and along either side of the ridge, preventing seagulls from landing and roosting there. The nylon coated wire lines are supported on ridge brackets spaced evenly about 6-8 feet apart along the peak, from one end of the roof to the other. The brackets can be bent to conform to the angle of slope and fit snugly against the roof. For older roofs you can screw and seal these in. If your roof is less than 20 years old it should not be penetrated to preserve roof warranties. The sealant adhesive we include will secure these brackets to the roof (24 hours to dry before stringing wires).

The Seagull Control System Peaked Roof Kit varies in price according to the linear feet of your ridge line and other factors like dormers or gables you want to protect against seagull infestations. Each kit includes all the hardware and components you will need to install this deterrent system, along with online instructions and as much on the phone help as you want. You do not need a roofer or other highly skilled worker to install this, but keep in mind that any work on a rood is inherently dangerous.

  • As a general pricing guideline, a typical 50-60 foot long roof ridge will cost approximately $300-$500, depending on your particular design requirements.
  • Email us photos, ridge line measurements and a description of the area you want to protect for a detailed design and exact price quote.
  • We welcome phone calls to discuss your seagull problem, answer questions and provide our expert advice - no obligation of course.
  • This Kit carries a five year warranty and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Give us a call at 347-389-5533 or email with questions.

Price: $300.00

Shipping: $0.00

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