Microcide SQ

Microcide SQ is a broad spectrum hospital grade disinfectant/cleaner for use on surfaces polluted with seagull feces, especially where food is handled or consumed, where children play such as swim floats, ladders, hand rails and similar places. This product is approved by the US Department of Agriculture to safely clean food and non-food surfaces. .

Microcide SQ is a concentrate sold in two 8oz containers along with two spray bottles and nozzles. The concentrate is diluted with water so each 8 oz container makes 4 gallons of disinfectant/cleaner.

Note: Always wear appropriate protective gear including a mask when cleaning seagull feces which can be infected with several bacteria strains, viruses and/or parasites. Power washing is not very effective because it can spread seagull feces on the surface you’re trying to clean and infect the air you breathe. Detailed use instructions come with each of these products. If you have questions about these cleaning products call us at 347-389-5533 or email info@seagullcontrol.com

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