Grid Wire Kit

 SCS Grid Wire Deterrent

Includes: Nylon coated stainless steel wire, heavy gauge aluminum brackets with welded pole holders, aluminum poles (customized sizes), nickel coated copper crimps, detailed installation instructions.

This rendering (not to scale) illustrates how the wire grids are constructed. Poles support the wires about 6-8 feet above the surface. Poles are mounted at the roof edge around the perimeter, on the parapets, or in from the edge and guy-lined if that is more practical (as shown here). Pole bases do not penetrate the roof surface material. The pole spacing is 20-50 feet apart depending on local conditions and practicalities, resulting in wire grids of that size. If seagull infestation is intensive the grids can be modified, strung wire to wire (as shown here on part of the array) or diagonal wires strung across the rectangular grids in a crisscross pattern, pole to pole.

This is the seagull deterrent method approved by the US Department of Agriculture Wildlife Service. We fabricate the system customized for your roof or other area. Entirely stainless steel and aluminum, non-corrosive and built to withstand harsh roof-top weather conditions. Seagulls hate landing under wires, will abandon your property immediately and permanently.

Email or call us at 347-389-5533 to discuss this system in detail.

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