Splat Cleaning

Splat Cleaning

How to clean up seagull pollution safely and effectively:
Seagull splats are not just unsightly. They are often polluted with serious health hazards. Scientists have identified viruses, parasites and bacteria such as salmonella and e-Coli. In a recent CDC study 14% of the e-Coli found in seagull poop was antibiotic resistant. People track this seagull feces pollution into their offices, homes, vehicles and boats.

Cleaning and disinfecting boats, floats, docks, walkways, outdoor dining areas—any place that people have contact with this pollution—require special cleaning agents designed specifically for seagull feces cleanup. Power washing only spreads the pollution and can spray pathogens in the air, infecting workers and guests.

We offer two safe and effective seagull pollution cleaning products:

  • Airzyme Waste Digester is a general surface cleaner/disinfectant that we recommend, especially for cleaning docks and floats, railings, boat covers and boat surfaces, HVAC, pool walls and similar places.
  • Microcide SQ is a hospital grade disinfectant/cleaner that should be used to clean splat off tables, chairs, anywhere that guests, customers and food handlers could have contact with seagull feces. Swim platforms where kids play should be cleaned with this product, or any surface that requires potent disinfecting.

See our Solutions page to permanently end seagull infestations and its pollution so you will no longer have to clean infected areas.


Airzyme Waste Digester



Microcide SQ 



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